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How long does wedding stationery design take?
Semi - custom designs: max. 1 week for design/comments from you and corrections + 2 weeks for printing.

Custom designs: max. 2.5 weeks for design/comments from you and corrections + 2 weeks for printing. In the peak times these terms might be longer. Foil printing might take up to 3 weeks.
Is it possible to receive the designs/prints faster?
Yes it is! If you prepare your texts in advance, less time will be spent on corrections. The quicker you give me feedback, the sooner the designs will go to printing. Express printing is possible too. Express printing is + 40% of the standard printing price.
We want invitations, menus and place cards, but we don't have info for the menus or a confirmed guests list yet. Can we order these later?
Of course! I usually work in stages, first we deal with invitations, then, if needed, with all the rest closer to the wedding day. Please keep in mind printing times (2 weeks).
Is it possible to make changes in semi - custom designs?
Yes! Modifications are included in the price. You can request to change the fonts, the color of the text and illustrations, the sizes of the cards, the envelope colors. I love to offer a choice of fonts, layouts etc. to make each design special.
Can we choose the paper?
There are several paper options available, and I always search for new ones. I understand it's hard to choose paper by looking at the photos, that's why I offer free paper samples by post. You can order to receive them by post by sending me a message/email. If you want to discuss the design details personally, you will see all kinds of paper at the meeting.
Do you speak Finnish?
I write in Finnish, so in most cases if I receive an email in Finnish I try to reply in Finnish. I will reply in English if I'm busy or if there is something urgent, because writing in Finnish takes more time. Also I have a person who helps me with emails in Finnish sometimes.

As for speaking, I can speak in daily situations, but I don't feel confident to discuss work in Finnish yet. So, when I meet with clients/talk on the phone I inform beforehand that it would be great if we used English. But please be sure I understand everything you write/almost everything you tell me in Finnish😉